V200 new design toua robotic lawn mower for small gardens 200 sqm visual sensor no boundary perimeter

Main Features:

 No Boundary Perimeter

• Easy to   operate

• Max mowing area 200㎡

 Visual sensor +Ai

• Ultrasonic   sensor

• Replaceable battery pack design

• Manually   cutting height adjustment:20-60mm

• Cutting Width:160mm

• Rain Sensor


Commercial series robotic lawnmower 6000-20,000 sqm RTK visual AI GPS

Main Features:

  • Operate mower through remote control

  • Operate more than one mowers through smartphone

  • Up to 4 battery packs can be installed and Max mowing area will be 24000㎡

  • Unmanned intelligence

  • Active obstacle avoidance through Laser, Ultrasound and Visual sensor 



whale 01

New design Robotic pool cleaner 80 sqm pools

Main Features:

  • Comfortable Weight & Figure

  • Cordless , Hassle-Free Cleaning

  • Self-parking

  • Max sloped pools climb up to 30°

  • With one click, easy to use

Company Profile

Nanjing Toua Robot Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Nanjing City, a subsidiary of Toua Enterprise Group(Stock Code 301125), which is engaged in the R&D, production, sales and service of the robotic lawnmower and accessories since 2008.

We now have 20 models of robot lawnmowers, including DIY(20V, 24V, up to 3000㎡) and Commercial(60V, up to 6 acres) markets, 66 patents were used in these products.

Toua has more than 780 workers and around 200,000㎡ workshops...

Employees, Patent Information


years of
Manufacturing for over 23 years. Listed on the Gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Stock Code 301125.


Attention to details, passionate of our job! Our professional and experienced colleagues are the key to our top quality!


Valid Patents
Including 30 utility model patents, 21 software copyrights & 13 appearance design patents, 2 EU patents


Structural design images, software, hardware, and other technical team images.

Production team


After sales center under building, coming soon


  • Address:F11, Building 1, Chuangzhi Park, 99# Wan 'an North Road, Jiangning District Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.
  • Email:info@touarobot.com
  • Tel:18061637678
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